A Queen Anne Walnut and Marquetry Longcase Clock, Signed Corn. Harbert, London

CIRCA 1710

Height: 86.5" Width: 18" Depth: 9.5"

Inventory Number 7364-271





The flat bonnet top with engaged columns enclosing a 12" dial including a silver chapter ring with both Roman and Arabic numbers; the matte canter with subsidiary dial and calendar aperture set within gilt cherub spandrels; the door inset with a lenticle and marquetry panels depicting birds, grotesque masks, putti and flowers within a foliate arabesque border.



Additional Information

Cornelius Herbert whose name appears also as Harbert and Herberte is recorded as a member of the Clockmaker’s Company in London from 1670 to 1720. His son and grandson were also named Cornelius Herbert and worked as clockmakers until 1750.

This clock features elaborate high-style arabesque marquetry decoration and, for the period, a very large 12” dial ― a 10” dial was the standard. At this time, the hour hand became shorter and more intricate than the minute hand so that even in a dim candle-lit room, it is easy to tell the time.