"A Groom with Two Horses and a Spaniel"

Dated 1783

John Nost Sartorius (British, 1759-1828)

Inventory Number 8052-493





Oil on canvas
Signed and dated: “J.N. Sartorius 1783”

Canvas: 27.5" x 36"
Framed: 35.5" x 43.5"

Additional Information

JOHN NOST SARTORIUS was a member of the famous Sartorius family of equestrian artists. He was the son of Francis Sartorius and the grandson of John Sartorius. His brother, also named Francis, was a marine artist. His grandfather is believed to have painted a horse picture in England as early as 1723, and while few examples of his work survive, he did begin a family dynasty that would make John Nost Sartorius one of the most famous and prolific horse portraitists of his time. To distinguish himself from the rest of his artistic family, John Nost sometimes used the name Nott and always signed his paintings “J.N. Sartorius”.

John Nost Sartorius exhibited at the Society of Artists of Great Britain (1778), The Free Society of Artists (1781-1824) and the Royal Academy (1781-1824). His patrons included the Prince of Wales, The Earl of Derby and Lord Foley. His work was published regularly in The Sporting Magazine where his racing and hunting scenes as well as his horse portraits appeared. His work is considered more advanced than other members of his family, moving away from the more naïve depiction of horses favored by his grandfather to a freer, more natural composition.